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PT Dua Berlian was established on December 5, 1977 as a company dedicated to providing distribution and marketing services to principals in the fields of fast moving consumer, food and institutional products. In its 40 years of existence, it has grown into one of the largest companies in its field in Indonesia with a host of well renowned national and multinational brands in its portfolio, the majority of which have become market leaders in their categories. Its coverage which started just in Jakarta, has expanded nationwide spanning the whole length of the Indonesian archipelago with penetration to all types of outlets from small stores ,wholesalers, institutionals customers to
supermarkets , giant hypermarts and modern international chain outlets.Dua Berlian's success stems from its deeply-held commitment to all its principals, its customers/consumers, its employees and its shareholders. To all these stakeholders, the Company is fully committed to their success in the spirit of mutual gain. It is this philosophy, based on uncompromising professionalism, which has propelled Dua Berlian within a relatively short time to become a leading institution in national distribution and marketing. It is this same philosophy which will remain the mainstay of its future success.

Dua Berlian's business comprises the distribution and marketing of fast moving consumer, food and institutional products. The measure of its success lies in the fact that its product portfolio comprises renowned domestic and international brands the majority of which are market leaders in their respective categories and have sustained their customers/consumers’ appeals over many years.

This division consists of the following major categories :

Air Care

This forms one of the company's drive categories with highly innovative products in both instant action (IAAF) and continuous action (CAAF) air fresheners. Their target markets comprise almost all segments in this category, from home to car to institutional usages in liquid, gel, aerosol, and electric forms.

Furniture Care

This category consists of products for the full care and maintenance of all types of furniture and wood products.

Bath and Toilet Care

The products within this category are designed to provide solution to all types of consumer problems in the bathroom, from multipurpose cleaning to specific solutions of the closet, washbasin and toilet care.

Kitchen Care

This category carries products for all types of cleaning and maintenance of the whole kitchen.

Personal Hygiene Wears

This category includes shower caps and sanitary gloves for personal use.

Floor Care

The floor care products under this range are for all types of hard floor applications such as ceramics, terrazo, marble and granit and come in many varieties of perfumes.

Glass Cleaners

The products here consist of special glass cleaners for home, institutional, car and electronic usages and come in a variety of forms.

Car and Motorcycle Care

The car and motorcycle care products cover a comprehensive range of automotive cleaners such as multipurpose and specific waxes, shampoos, protectants, cleaners, polishes, wiper fluids, air fresheners for application on car and motorcycle body paints, wheels, tyres and interiors.

Home and Automotive Cleaning Accessories

These consist of a wide line of wipes, sponges and scrubs for use in various parts of the home, car and motorcycle. Included in this category are a variety of home and automotive trash bags.

This division consists of the following categories :

Biscuits and snacks

The items here amount to some 23 different varieties of biscuits and snacks.

Sauces and Condiments

The products in this category comprises a complete line up of sauces and condiments such as fish sauce, oyster sauce, teriyaki sauce, sesame oil and others.

There are many categories in this division :

Floor Care

This category consists of the following products :
Floor strippers
The function of these products is to pick up old wax layers

The purpose of these products is to close open pores on floor surfaces and at the same time protect their surfaces

These products make floors shine

This line consists of a range of floor and specialty cleaners for a multi variety surface applications

Carpet care products
These consist of a line of products from soil release concentrates to stain removers, shampoos, refreshers and other products

Air Care

This category consists mainly of liquid air fresheners with a large array of fragrances delivered by mechanical horn sprayers.

Furniture Care

Like Pledge, its consumer counterpart , this category consists of a line of multi application wood care products.

Kitchen Care

This category consists of a complete line of products for kitchen application. Included here are dishwashing detergents, rinse aids, oven cleaners and other such products.

Hygiene & Sanitation Care

This category deals with health and cleanliness of food institutions and related facilities such as restaurants, meat and fish sections of supermarkets, refrigerations, caterings and other such like operations. The Hygiene and Sanitation category carries with it a full product range and operation systems from hand washes, all floor maintenances, air care controls up to glass and furniture cares.

Dua Berlian's philosophy has been, and continues to be, that of providing service and products that are demonstrably better in value than those of competitors.
Continue to grow above average through innovative, efficient and hard work to achieve mutual success for all our stakeholders, namely our principals, our customers/consumers, our employees and our shareholders.

  • 1. To ensure the goodwill of our principals through service excellence, working together with our principals as one towards achieving a common goal and regarding their business as our business.

  • 2. To be the market leader in each of the major categories we are in through superior quality products at affordable prices to the customers/consumers.

  • 3. To ensure the safety, health and welfare of all our employees as far as is practicable through providing work practices, safety procedures, pleasant working surroundings and ensuring that they are competitively compensated.

  • 4. To consistently achieve above average sales and profit growth through excellent management of our business categories and operations so as to provide the Company the means to grow further and provide commensurate returns to our shareholders.
  • 5. To establish a quality oriented culture by continuously providing quality products and services to all those with whom we do business with and to ensure that the Company's operations are waste free standards of excellence in order that we maintain a meaningful competitive edge.

  • 6. To attract and reward quality people that will ensure the Company's growth and emphasis on excellence.

  • 7. To seize the opportunities created by change through building a belief in ourselves that permits flexibility, fast decisions and a willingness to seek challenges and risks in an ever changing market place.


Our sales organization comprises the Consumer, Food, and Industrial divisions coordinated by a Sales Director. Each division in turn is headed by a National Sales Manager overseeing the whole country which is further divided into regions, areas and units respectively headed by regional sales managers, area sales managers and supervisors. Supervisors are the most front line sales executives each supervising 3 to 5 sales representatives who make the daily calls and sales orders. The whole sales structure is driven by sales, distribution and productivity targets with monthly tabulations sent to all the higher levels and to the Human Resource Department for periodic evaluations.


Our coverage stems from our 90 sales network and stock points spread throughout the country to cover active accounts with call frequencies ranging from daily visits for the larger accounts to once a month for the smaller ones.


We sell renowned domestic and international brands of consumer, food and industrial products the majority of which are market leaders in their categories.


We have the expertise to provide strong support for our products in all aspects of marketing such as research, advertising, promotion and others.


Our policy is to maintain a limited list of quality clients which can provide us with sustained sales growth and profitability while we render them the necessary concentrated attention.


Our sales force and key accounts are not merely order takers. They sell and merchandise using a disciplined and sophisticated selling system supported by continuous trainings, evaluations and controls. Our selling methods are based on a comprehensive system emphasizing the following major points which form the objectives of the whole sales force :

1. Sales Target
Each sales representative is assigned a sales target based in volume and currency to be achieved within a certain period of time. The sales representative's target contributes to the target of his region which in turn forms a part of the national target. These targets at all levels of the sales hierarchy are constantly monitored.

2. Collection
Collection forms a prime responsibility of all levels of the sales hierarchy provided in weekly targets and their achievements controlled by the Finance Department.

3. Merchandizing
A major responsibility of each sales representative is to perform merchandising for all his products at every outlet he calls in accordance to a specific set of instructions and criteria by product. This is controlled through numerous checks by the supervisory levels.

4. Full Line Selling
A sales representative is assigned his quota not only in currency and volume but by type of products which forms a prime criteria for achieving his target.

5. Territory Management
Geographical coverage are revised every six months to ensure the most efficient coverage and adequate load for each sales representative.

6. New Accounts
Each sales representative has a certain target of new accounts to achieve every month. This ensures that new outlets are safeguarded and maximum distribution achieved.

7. Distribution
All sales personels are assigned horizontal and vertical distribution targets. This means they respectively have to cover a certain percentage (normally 70%) of all the stores in their areas and sell the relevant full line products for each type of store.

8. Sales Productivity
Each sales representative is required to practice productive sales calls, which is dependent on how many effective calls he makes in a day and how many cases he sells per effective call. This forces a sales personel to make his day as productive as possible.

9. Administration
Each sales representative is obliged to make concise daily reports on his activities. This allows for immediate feedback on sales moveme nts, collection and status of competition.

Achievements of the above points are monitored by a tight matrix control system which forms the bases for periodic performance evaluation. The sales system is supported by continuous and intensive on-the-job and in-class trainings for all levels of the sales hierarchy individually, in groups, by region or involving the whole force nationally.

Sales Support

The departments that directly support the sales operation – Marketing, Finance, Warehousing, Freight, Personnel, Information Service, Training and Sales Development – are staffed with well trained personnels who discharge functions crucial to the smooth running of the sales activities. Among these functions are the following :

1. Marketing
2. Finance
3. Warehousing
4. Freight
5. Personnel
6. Information Service
7. Training and Sales Development


1. We have been in existence for 40 years and have gathered in-depth experience selling to all categories of outlets from small retailers, wholesalers, specialty stores, institutional customers to supermarkets, hypermarts and modern international chain outlets across the Indonesian archipelago from Sabang to Merauke.

2. Our 90 sales network and stock points are located in all the provinces and majority of the districts throughout Indonesia covering more than 130.000 registered outlets.

3. Our product portfolio comprises renowned domestic and international brands the majority of which through our efforts have become market leaders in their respective categories

4. We have specific sales, collection, distribution and productivity objectives for all sales personnels and have their performances continuously monitored and matched against high competitive standards by the HRD department.
5. All our personnels are highly trained and motivated with long tenures enabling them to render solid experience and support to the Company :
Our Management Board each have approximately 20 years experience in their respective fields.
Our total employees have been on the average 10 years with the Company
Our sales force receive continuous year – long selling skills, product knowledge and management trainings

6. We focus on strong profit and cash management. This allows us to make sustained investments to strengthen our operation and structure. In all the years of our existence, the Company has never borrowed from the bank even during the most dire economic conditions.









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